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Kitty mama by LadySolonna Kitty mama by LadySolonna
pictures by :iconmisterglacius:

If you can't read up there, here is the whole story again:

“Mom I want a pet cat” Isabella asked her mom for the 7538th time. Mom was getting a bit sick of it: “For the last time Isabella, we can’t get a pet cat”. Isabella wasn’t happy: “And why not?” Mom sighted: “You know full well I’m allergic to cat fur. So stop asking” mom rushed to the kitchen and closed the door. Isabella went to her room and began to cry. All she wanted was a little kitty to call her, her own. But because of mom’s stupid allergy she couldn’t get one. She turned around and noticed her computer. It has been weeks since she was last on it. She told herself never to go on it after the ‘fail test’ incident. But she was desperate for a way around mom’s allergy. She turned the PC on. She went on internet and type: “I want a pet but my parents won’t let me” only one annotation popped up. She clicked it and found herself on the online questioner. The tittle was strange. It was something like: “A way to get a pet even when parents don’t allow it” she red further. The first question was: “Why don’t your parent’s allow you to have a pet?” with the possible answers being: “They are stubborn and won’t buy me anything” and “One of them is allergic on fur”. Isabella pressed the second option. After about 10 questions, she was finally done. She was told to wat a few days as the company that ran that webpage, will send her something to help her with the problem.

Few days passed and package finally arrived. Mom was still asleep as Isabella received it. She quickly opened it. It was a golden pocket watch, few pairs of outfit that looked like cat parts, and an instruction book. She red through it, after which, she went in to mom’s bedroom. She sat on the bed, just as mom woke up. She asked again: “Mom, are you shore we can’t get a cat.” Mom raised up: “I told you, I am allergic to the animal fur. I would buy you that can the first time you asked me if I wasn’t allergic on it.” Isabella nod and continued:  “Could you at least help me with school experiment?” Mom looked surprised: “You never asked me to help you at school. Okay. I will. So what’s the experiment?” Isabella took out her golden pocket watch. “Well according to the instructions, I was supposed to swing this in front of your eyes and read the text written bellow while I do it. After I’m done I was supposed to analyze how such condition affects a person.” “Psychology class?” asked mom “psychology class.” replied Isabella. Mom leaned forward and began to watch the watch. Isabella began to swing it and reading the lines: “Just sit back, and relax. Allow your body to find a comfortable position. A position where you can sit for some time and not get restless allow your limbs to relax and loosen, and focus you even more on my words. Allowing you to relax, deeper and deeper. Let your breathing become slow and natural just let it fall into a gentle rhythm in and out and relax focusing on my words letting each one gently echo in your mind and as you do imagine what it would be like to be a cat. To be a cute little kitten. To have someone take care of you. To be free, free to play and rest as you desire. Now as I snap my fingers you will embrace being my pet kitty” Isabella snapped her fingers. She looked at her mom. She just sat there. Isabella looked surprised: “Mom? Are you okay?” mom looked at her dotter: “Meow” Isabella smiled: “Yes, it worked. Mom. Dress this up” she gave her the dress that came in the package. Mom dressed up and went on all four. Isabella pet her: “I think I will call you Adrina”

ppvgcube Featured By Owner May 24, 2016
I like this story! !! Great work and sexy mom too :love:
Hot-Girl-Petrified Featured By Owner May 23, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Nice cat
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